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Results for Vehicle Dismantling Salvage And Scrap Metal in Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire, UK

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0845 5434524
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Pigotts Autoparts

01904 490978

Sheriff Hutton Road, York, North Yorkshire, YO32 5XH

11.9 (miles)

York Auto Salvage

01347 879100

Sheriff Hutton Bdge Fm, Strensall, York, North Yorkshire, YO32 5TT

11.9 (miles)


01759 372727

Full Sutton, York, North Yorkshire, YO41 1HS

13.48 (miles)

Nationwide Auto Salvage Amalgamation

01904 693131

2 Pioneer Business Pk Amy Johnson Wy, York, North Yorkshire, YO30 4TN

13.69 (miles)

A1079 Salvage

01759 303444


14.83 (miles)

Beechwood Services

01430 860453

Holme Rd, Holme-o-Spldg-Mr, YO4 4ED

14.83 (miles)

Nationwide Auto Salvage Amalgamation

01904 691791


14.83 (miles)

Scrap A Car For Cash York

01904 212129

Priory Street, York, Yorkshire, YO1 9NX

14.83 (miles)

Melbourne Autos Ltd

0845 1364795

Storwood Melbourne, York, YO42 4TD

15.38 (miles)


01904 781878

78 Gale Lane, York, Yorkshire, YO24 3AA

16.42 (miles)

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Acme Auto Salvage

0845 4817539

Unit 6 Holme Industrial Estate, York, Yorkshire, YO43 4BB

23.36 (miles)