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Results for Swimming Pools in Burnley, Lancashire, UK

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Rossendale Borough Council Leisure & Industrial Development Public Baths

01706 226850

Newchurch Rd, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 7SN

4.87 (miles)

Burnley Borough Council (Pools)

01282 664588

Park Road, Padiham, Burnley, Lancashire, BB12 8ED

2.21 (miles)

Rossendale Borough Council (Leisure & Industrial Development, Public Baths)

01706 215883

East Bank Av, Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 6NX

4.87 (miles)

Colne Sports Centre & Swimming Pool

01282 661166

Guy Skye Crown Wy, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 9NP

6.61 (miles)

Pendle Borough Council (Pendle Leisure Trust Bank Ho Colne, Recreation, Leisure Centres/Swimming Pools)

01282 661616

Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 7TY

2.94 (miles)

Marsden Park Open Air Pool

01282 661914

Walton Lane, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 8BW

2.94 (miles)