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Results for Petrol Stations in Oldham, Greater Manchester Area, UK

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Lees Village Service Station

0161 6242306

St. John St, Lees, Oldham, Lancashire, OL4 3DQ

1.89 (miles)

BP Service Stations

0161 6246499

Broadway, Royton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL2 5DD

1.13 (miles)

BP Service Stations

0161 6274506

Featherstall Rd Sth, Oldham, Lancashire, OL9 6HS

1.89 (miles)

Springfield Service Station

0161 6248755

Middleton Road, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL9 6JR

1.89 (miles)

Red Rose Filling Station, The

0161 6653665

Red Rose Wks Shaw Rd, Royton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL2 6EF

1.13 (miles)

Scouthead Filling Station

0161 6242714

1025 Huddersfield Road, Scouthead, Oldham, Lancashire, OL4 4AS

1.89 (miles)

Filling Station, The

0161 7858600

25 Featherstall Rd Nth, Oldham, Lancashire, OL9 6QA

1.89 (miles)

Longsight Service Station

0161 6270570

Longsight Autopoint Oldham Rd, Royton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL2 5AS

1.13 (miles)

Shell Shell Service Stations

0161 6281910

Huddersfield Road, Oldham, Lancashire, OL4 2HN

1.89 (miles)

Lees Road Service Station

0161 6330647

131 Lees Road, Oldham, Lancashire, OL4 1JW

1.89 (miles)

Mercury Filling Station

0161 6332056

21 Market Place, Oldham, Lancashire, OL1 3AB

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Shell Shell Service Stations

0161 6229950

Ashton Road, Oldham, Lancashire, OL8 3HX

0.98 (miles)

Bp Service Stations

0161 6219020

Park Road, Oldham, Lancashire, OL8 1DB

0.98 (miles)